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Flowers are nature's artwork, and so we promise to help protect the environment by using minimal and reusable packaging.

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Bouquet tips!

For a long-lasting bouquet

  • Every 1-2 days: change vase water
  • Every 1-2 days: remove wilted petals
  • Every 3 days: trim flower stems
  • Florist favourite: Place the arrangement in a sunny area

Preserve your bouquet

  • Tie the stems together and hang upside down in a cold and dry area (basement, cold room).

  • Gently remove the flower from the stem and place it between the pages of a heavy duty book, remove after a week for a compressed look.

  • Florist favourite: Place your flower in a frame, as a background effect around a photograph!

Saying bye to your bouquet

  • Flowers are a natural and biodegradable product (they can be broken down easily by the environment)

  • Use the Green Compost bin (GTA residents) to dispose of flowers

  • Reuse the vase or mason jar for future bouquets or storage purposes

  • Florist favourite: Using the mason jar as a water glass!